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Is being a pedophile illegal?

This is a common question among minor-attracted people (MAPs) who are looking for support for the first time. After all, the internet is rife with social media posts and even news articles calling pedophilia and other minor attractions illegal, so it's easy to see how one could conclude that simply experiencing an attraction to children is against the law. Pedophilia is defined  as a pattern of stable and persistent attractions to prepubescent children. Though it is often conflated with child sexual abuse, they are not the same. Other minor attractions, such as nepiophilia (attraction to infants), hebephilia (attraction to pubescent teens), and ephebophilia (attraction to post-pubescent minors), are defined similarly and this article also holds true for them. The belief that pedophilia is illegal is widespread, with many being quick to report anyone they suspect of experiencing "illegal attractions" to law enforcement and child sexual abuse reporting hotlines in hopes of